Our Services

The YbrantPrepmantra Artificial Intelligence Empowered Learning Management System (AI LMS) is an Advanced Cloud-based Assignments, Practice Tests & Performance Review Platform.

The key features our platform include:


  • Anytime – Anywhere access on any device.
  • Central repository of content on cloud
  • Content delivery using digital access control
  • Standardized study plans with compliance monitoring
  • Automated Tracking & Monitoring modules
  • Dynamic scheduling of study plans for each student.
  • Formative Tests – MCQs based
  • Summative Tests – MCQs & Subjective Long Answer Tests
  • Integrated live online classes, with one-screen access to all learning tools

Out-of-box system architecture of our platform, coupled with intelligent algorithms, affords near unlimitered scalability and flexibility.  The key constituents of the platform a

  1. Comprehensive Learning Platform with Artificial Intelligence
  2. Institutional Monitoring Dashboard
  3. Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software
  4. Integrated Homework and Assignments Management
  5. Integrated Online & Blended Testing Platform (with Remote Proctoring)
  6. Integrated Institution-wide Knowledge-Base “PrepWiki”

YbrantPrepmantra offers an exceptional blending-learing experience with an integrated, one-screen access for all learning tools.  Our blended learning experience offers one-screen access to:

  • Live online classes
  • Class recordings
  • Related topic notes
  • Integrated concept video lectures
  • Integrated practice tests

Virtual Classrooms Ecosystem:

  • Dynamic virtual class scheduling with integrated course and topic selection
  • Automated attendee selection and scheduling alerts
  • Integrated teaching effectiveness feedback mechanism
  • Class recordings and playback facility
  • Automated attendance and in-class assessments reports

YbrantPrepmantra’s integrated testing platform offers online as well in-class digital assesment capabilities which include the following features

  • Artificial Intelligence driven, customized exams
  • MCQs and Subjective test papers
  • Pre-designed test paper sets
  • Remote proctoring using live video feeds
  • Screen-capturing and reporting capabilities
  • Automated, instant results and performance reports.

Our multi-layered monitoring dashboard offers live monitoring of various academic and operational parameters and reporting.  These include:

  • Academic Monitoring
    • Online Report Cards and Results
    • Performance Tracking and Reporting
    • Standalone and comparative performance reports at students, classes, courses, streams and institutional levels.
    • Faculty impact assessment tools
    • Teaching by Exceptions Reports Tools
  • Operations Monitoring
    • Admissions monitoring and reporting
    • Integrated payments gateway reports
    • Attendance reports
    • Online Classes Analytics and Reports

YbrantPrepmantra Courses can be accessed to from any desktop, laptop, android tablet, smartphone and even android TVs. While YbrantPrepmantra System works well with 512 Kbps internet connections, for a good user experience, 1mb broadband is desirable.

YbrantPrepmantra’s ERP offering consists of building blocks that allow for rapid building of an integrated platform that will be exclusively customized to SAI-NSNIS’s requirements.  These broad building-blocks:

  1. Admissions and student management
  2. Procurement & inventory management
  3. Attendance management
  4. Library management
  5. Transport Management
  6. Financial Module

PrepWiki is an open-source knowledge base exclusively created for and by the students/faculty of SAI-NSNIS.   It is akin to an encyclopedia across all fields of learning and works in a manner similar to Wikipedia. 

  • Designed to become a source of articles, information, best practices & research
  • Created and maintained by community of users
  • Students, Experts and Faculty can post / review / edit articles keeping them updated and relevant
  • Monitored and approval-based edit / review of content
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Unlimited portals, categories, articles and content management