About Us

YbrantPrepMantra LLP is a leading edtech, training and HR solutions and services provider.   It was established by a dynamic team of professionals coming from armed forces and corporate background, with intense experience and expertise in the fields of technology,  manpower and training.

Prepmantra AI Platform is a very sophisticated learning and test-prep application, effectively supporting and preparing learners to transform their understanding of concepts and for excelling in qualifying and competitive exams.

Ybrant People understand and know the clients’ needs and provide them with customized HR, Recruitment and Training solutions.

YbrantPrepmantra's expertise and USP remains in the realm of Digital Training and Test-prep and  uses an Artificial Intelligence empowered Learning Management System (AI LMS) Platform, powered by Ayi-Bo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  YbrantPrepmantra has established its credibility to provide AI supported Training and Test-Prep and also HR Solutions.

Our Vision
To strive for continuous improvement in service quality, for maximizing client satisfaction.

YbrantPrepMantra LMS
Our intuitive learning application customizes learning content and practice exams to each student’s needs. An interactive social plugin allows peer2peer interaction, remote mentoring and competitive performance comparison. PrepMantra has a distinguished team of content writers, including professors, former students and private tutors.

PrepMantra's premium learning and test prep platform is made available through organizations including:

  1. Schools
  2. Coaching Institutes
  3. Independent Tutors
  4. Corporations
  5. Government